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Each episode summary contains enough spoilers to assume you've already seen the entire episode. In the Analysis section, occasionally, very large spoilers are given, while other times I'll just give spoiler hints, so if you've seen the entire series, you'd know what I was talking about, but if you hadn't, then...good luck. :). Also, a semi-complete list of what songs were in the episode and when they appear!
  1. Invasion of the Capital
  2. God and Man Awaken
  3. City of Two
  4. His Own Watch
  5. Nirai-Kanai
  6. Obliterated Cities
  7. Day of Assembly
  8. Bitterly Cold Holy Night
  9. Small Shrine of Time
  10. War in the Rememberance
  11. Nightmare
  12. Resonance
  13. Sleeping Beauty
  1. Time After Time
  2. Childhoods End
  3. The Moon Princess
  4. Return to the Labyrinth
  5. The Bond of Blue Blood
  6. Blue Friend
  7. The Artisans Battle
  8. The Carved Seal of Xephon
  9. Operation Jupiter Obliteration
  10. From Here to Eternity
  11. Doorway to the Tuning
  12. Gods Uncertain Music
  13. Far Beyond Eternity

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